We welcome you to the vibrant Mediterranean port of Marseille for the second edition of the International Expert Meeting on Large Congenital Melanocytic Nevi (CMN) and Neurocutaneous Melanocytosis (NCM).

Large CMN present many challenges to patients and to the multiple clinicians whose expertise is relevant for their care. Affected patients and their families are confronted with psychosocial difficulties, complex therapeutic decisions, and the risk of neurological problems and malignant degeneration. Multidisciplinary teams are not always possible to convene, requiring particular awareness on behalf of the physician spearheading the management protocol.

The objectives of this second meeting are twofold. On one hand, there has never been a more exciting time for new developments in the physiopathological mechanisms of large CMN onset and development, and implications for the central nervous system. A highly diverse audience of professionals, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pediatricians, neurologists, oncologists, cell and developmental biologists, psychologists and geneticists, will exchange the state of the art in current basic and clinical research so as to apply the most current findings in their practice. On the other hand, new patient groups have been emerging on a regular basis since the first meeting, and are seeking models and mentorship. The incipient federation of international advocacy groups will be formalized by a vote of its members on its bylaws and incorporation. The availability and development of patient-managed research resources specific to large CMN and NCM will be reported to the medical and scientific communities.

Heather Etchevers

Discussion and exchanges stimulated by your multiple perspectives as participants will both foster new collaborations and synergize with current ones.

Marseille has an experience dating back millenia in favoring international exchange and cooperation. We look forward to extending a warm welcome to you in the very spirit of these, its most cherished traditions, and wish you safe travels.


On behalf of the organizing committee,

Heather Etchevers, Ph.D.




Scientific and Steering Committee

Jacques Bardot, M.D.- CHU La Timone (Enfants), Marseille
Mark Beckwith - Nevus Outreach, Inc., Bartlesville
Nathalie Degardin, M.D., Ph.D. -
CHU La Timone (Enfants), Marseille
Jean-Jacques Grob, M.D., Ph.D. -
CHU La Timone, Marseille
Sylvie Hesse, M.D. - CHU La Timone, Marseille
Stéphanie Mallet, M.D. - CHU La Timone, Marseille
Ashfaq Marghoob, M.D. - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York
Alain Taïeb, M.D., Ph.D. - CHU Saint André, Bordeaux


Palais du Pharo.